43.38.Bs Transductores electrostáticos

43.38.Bs.003. Modelo numérico en elementos finitos para la descripción del comportamiento mecánico de un altavoz plegado
Jaime Ramis, José Martínez, F. Bolaños, E. Segovia, J. Carbajo

Tecniacústica’09. Cádiz, Septiembre, 2009.

43.38.Bs.002. Long term investigations of sound attenuation changes in ear-muffs: preliminary results
Ewa Kotarbinska

Department of Acoustic And Electromagnetic Hazards. Central Institute for Labour Protection.Indstitut Of Radioelectronics Warsaw University of Technology. Warsaw. Poland. Forum Acusticum. Sevilla. Septiembre, 2002.

43.38.Bs.001. Resonant air-coupled capacitive transducers with transmitting and isolating rails on the backplate
S. Leschka, G. Pfeifer,

Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication. Dresden University of Technology. Dresden. Germany Forum Acusticum. Sevilla, Septiembre, 2002.